Whirlpool Top Loading Washers with Auto-Load Sensing

Posted: January 5, 2011 in Washer Repairs
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        Whirlpools 1st attempt at energy (water) consumption reduction on their top loading washers (to keep their direct drive washers of the market after 26 years) has been quite troublesome.  They use an auto load sensor switch to detect the amount of clothes in the washer to determine the correct amount of water needed to properly wash.  There are two different version of the switch, one doubles as the Fabric Softener On/Off switch and the other doubles as the Water Temperature Selector switch.  They both however have use the same basic technology of Load Sensing.  You must use the correct switch with each model so make sure you order by the correct model of the washing machine, see below.  This applies to both Whirlpool brands of washers and Maytag brands of washers. 


        The Auto Load Sensing cycle operates as follows.  The unit first fills with a low water level, it the agitates for about 10 seconds and pauses to allow the clothes to get saturated and monitors the absorption rate.  It does this of course through the pressure switch.

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